Plate Tectonics Animations

Original Images Courtesy: Dr. Ron Blakey, Professor Emeritus NAU Geology

Updated 08.24.09

Above: Plate Tectonics
600 Million Years of Continental Movement
Starting in the Late Proterozoic
For specific dates see:

Above: Plate Tectonics
550 Million Years of
The Evolution of North America
Starting in the Late Precambrian
Note: the continent is moving across the globe
the "camera" is stationary relative to North America

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Above: Thickness of the Continental Crust, km (Courtesy: USGS)
Can you find a pattern?
How tall is Mt. Everest? How thick is the crust there? What's up?
Continental Crust = Sial (Silica and Aluminum minerals dominant)
Oceaninc Curst = Sima (Silica and Magnesium minerals dominant)